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The Real Rocket City: Why You Should Thank Alabama for NASA

Shocking to many, the great Space Race would never have been won if it wasn't for a German rocket scientists and his home ...


Vacation Secrets: The Gulf Shores

Just before Alabama became a state, Gulf Shores began attracting it's own bevy of tourists.


Sweet Home Alabama: The Best Hidden Gems Across the Heart of Dixie

Sweet tea, fried chicken, and a slow, southern drawl aren’t the only things you can find in beautiful Alabama. With strong...


The Shoals: Alabama’s Best Kept Secret

Located in the farthest corner of Northwest Alabama on the banks of the Tennessee River are four cities bursting with hist...


BBQ 101: How to Order in Alabama like a Local

There are Kansas City’s smoky flavors and there are the tangy notes found in the Carolinas’ version, but just a little farther south in Alabama, residents will argue that they take greater pride in their BBQ and produce a heck of lot more flavor than any other Southern state. With a unique spin on just about every classic favorite, here are some quick tips for ordering BBQ in Alabama:

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Alabama Travel Guide

Sweet home Alabama is no mere musical cliché for its proud, deeply Southern residents. A land of Confederate rebels, decis...