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Scuba Diving

An Underground Swimming Hole in Florida That Takes You Back in Time

Searching for a way to dive into the summer? A trip to Devil’s Den for snorkeling, diving, and general relaxation is a must.

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This Underwater Soviet Prison Has Become Estonia's Most Intriguing Beach Destination

After decades of communist rule, the Soviet Union's satellite states were left in an unstable state of repair. Many of tho...

Scuba Diving

Go Warm-Water Scuba the Heart of Utah

Utah is well-known for its abundance of outdoor pursuits. A stunning backdrop to the Salt Lake Valley, the craggy peaks of...

Scuba Diving

5 "Fintastic" Places to SCUBA Dive with Sharks

An equally mesmerizing and terrifying sight, the finned-form of a shark will get your heart pounding and send your imagination racing. While some travelers would run in the other direction at the mere thought of an interaction, an in-water encounter with a shark can be one of the most breathtaking, awe-inspiring and humbling experiences of your life.

Scuba Diving

Wreck Dives, Blue Skies and Fish Tacos in Pensacola, Florida

As I listened to the hum of the captain’s boat and watched the sugar-white sand on Santa Rosa Island pass me by, I felt a ...


Would You Scuba Dive with Sharks in Fiji?

Fiji is on everyone's list, if not for the exceptional beaches, for the incredible scuba diving. Welcomed by the friendly ...

Scuba Diving

Snorkel The World’s Shallowest Shipwrecks

Beneath some of the calmest and most beautiful ocean waters on Earth, lay the mangled and rusted remains of once-great shi...