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Scuba Diving

Wreck Dives, Blue Skies and Fish Tacos in Pensacola, Florida

As I listened to the hum of the captain’s boat and watched the sugar-white sand on Santa Rosa Island pass me by, I felt a ...


Would You Scuba Dive with Sharks in Fiji?

Fiji is on everyone's list, if not for the exceptional beaches, for the incredible scuba diving. Welcomed by the friendly ...

Scuba Diving

Snorkel The World’s Shallowest Shipwrecks

Beneath some of the calmest and most beautiful ocean waters on Earth, lay the mangled and rusted remains of once-great shi...

Scuba Diving

Plunge into 5 Spectacular Scuba Scenes You Didn't Know Existed

With spring in the air and summer right around the corner, it's only naturally to start daydreaming about warm beaches and...

Scuba Diving

Yolo: Snorkel or SCUBA with the Manta Rays in Hawaii

Located off the Kona coast on the Big Island, the Manta Ray Night Dive is regularly rated one of the most incredible things you can do underwater and one of the best deep-water experiences in the world. Board a tour boat and you’ll be taken an hour from shore, snapping a plethora photos as the sun sets over the ocean waves.

Scuba Diving

Underwater Worlds You Need to See to Believe

When many of us want to get away, we picture white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Maybe we’ll go on a little snorkel ...

Cayman Islands

Top 10 Things to Do in the Cayman Islands

With sweeping white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters, the Cayman Islands promises an idyllic escape, just an ho...

Scuba Diving

The Wreck Capital of the South

Known to scuba divers as the “Wreck Capital of the South,” Panama City Beach provides an amazing variety of dive sites.