Photo Credit: Daimon Eklund

As an American state, Alabama requires all visitors to have the proper visa needed to enter the country. Travelers already in the US can travel freely between American states as there are no border checks. Visitors arriving at an Alabama airport directly from an international destination should confirm what kind of travel visa they need in advance via the US government’s visa website:

Health and Safety

The main safety issue in Alabama is related to race. There is still a lingering resentments and bias towards people of color in some areas, so it is wise to avoid conversations related to skin color. Violence is rarely a problem, but mild harassment may occur. Other than that, there is no more chance of theft or crime in Alabama than in any other state in the US, even in its big cities.

The Gulf Coast beaches have their own possible health issues related to sun exposure and annoying marine life like jellyfish when they are in season. The water in most towns of Alabama is safe to drink from the tap, though it’s suggested to stick with bottled water to avoid the possibility of an upset stomach.

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