365/251 H1N1 Vaccine by Dylan via Flickr Creative Commons

Traveling to Sark and Herm by US citizens is possible without a visa. Travelers may stay for up to six consecutive months before a permit is required. However, a valid passport must be present upon arrival. Visit http://travel.state.gov/visa/ for more details about travel to Sark and Herm.

Health and Safety

There is only a few policemen found on the islands of Sark and Herm, so tourists can make incident reports if an incident does arise. However, the islands are quite safe, and it is very uncommon for tourists to run into trouble with any criminals. Nevertheless, it is always helpful to know where the local police are found, and where nearby medical centers are located.

Visitors will notice that the islands may stay relatively mild during the summer months. However, with the amount of walking that is required while on Sark and Herm, tourists will need to rehydrate regularly, and always give time for rejuvenation.

During the winter months, tourists should not expose themselves to the elements. Bring cold-weather gear and wet-weather gear when traveling to Sark and Herm between the months of November and March. The islands can become quite damp and relatively chilly, so picking up a cold or flu is not uncommon.

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