Fermain bay, Guernsey - 0003 by Sylvie Mitteaux-Martin via Flickr Creative Commons

One would expect the experience at Sark and Herm to be somewhat limited due to the relative isolation and miniscule size of the islands. However, there are some interesting places to shop in Sark. Herm’s only spot for shopping is near the local harbor, where a range of tourist-related products can be found. These goods include beach wear, beach toys, shells, towels, and souvenir ideas for relatives back home. Most of Sark’s shopping facilities are found along the main road on the island, at a small mall called The Avenue. Tourists should not forget to explore the Sark Markets, which are held once a month too. Even though some shops open at their own discretion, most stores operate between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

The Avenue

This is the most important shopping area on Sark and Herm. The Avenue is a row of shops located in the center of the island of Sark. In addition to some convenient stores like a post office and gift shop, there are some independent shops available. One of the most important goods on sale is the Sarkstone jewelry, which can be found in the Avenue. In addition, look for the local honey and chocolate products while shopping in The Avenue.

Herm Harborside

Upon arrival into Herm, visitors will be greeted at the harbor side by several stores. However, they mostly sell items of need for tourists. Of course, it is possible to pick up toy buckets and spades for the children, and beach wear for the trip around the island. There is also a list of souvenirs that tourists can check out too, including local stamps and shells that have been created for the visiting holiday-maker.

Sark Visitor Center

The Sark Visitor Center is the tourist information spot on the island. On most days, it isn’t a great shopping site. However, once a month, the center becomes a thriving hive of activity, as it hosts the Sark Visitor Center markets. The market is home to a host of local handicrafts and art products. In addition, a range of produce from the local agricultural industry can be found, including Sark’s popular honey goods. The shopping is made extra fun at this market, as the locals know how to create a social atmosphere!

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