Herm from tip of Little Sark by denvilles_duo via Flickr Creative Commons

Many tourists return from a trip to Sark and Herm believing they have just eaten the best meals anywhere on the planet. The islands’ cuisine is well-known for being fresh, as most of the ingredients used by local restaurants are locally grown. This is why many of the dining establishments on the islands have changing menus throughout the year. Chef’s generally cook with what’s in season. In addition, a lot of the ingredients are grown organically, including the world-famous Sark lamb. Seafood is popular, especially lobsters, crab, and oysters. This also makes fish and chips a common dish across the islands. There aren’t too many establishments offering a lively night out, but Sark and Herm do boast several drinking venues.

Bars and Pubbing in Sark and Herm

The islands of Sark and Herm have far more restaurants than pubs and bars. However, there are some establishments located upon the islands that cater for night owls. Outside of the island’s hotels, Sark has two popular drinking establishments. The Bel Air Inn (Stark, Channel Islands) is a lively spot, especially on the weekends. Hathaways (La Seigneurie Gardens, Sark, Channel Islands) is a café that serves alcohol with meals. Stocks Hotel Bar (Dixcart Valley, Stark, Channel Islands) is another nice location for a drink after dark.

The Mermaid Tavern (Herm, Channel Islands) is the site of the Real Ale and Cider Festival. Live music is not uncommon. Unfortunately, the pub cannot open on Sundays. However, for the rest of the week it’s open for business.

Dining and Cuisine in Sark and Herm

Big Sark is home to a number of delightful restaurants. In the Dixcart Valley area, there are several restaurants worth checking out. The best seafood restaurant in the valley is the Dixcart Valley Hotel Restaurant (Dixcart Lane, Sark, Channel Islands). In addition, another great spot for dining here is the Stocks Hotel Restaurant (Stocks Hotel, Dixcart Valley, Sark, Channel Islands).

In the center of Big Sark are several important restaurants. The Lobster Restaurant (Aval du Creux Hotel, Harbor Hill, Sark, Channel Islands) is the best seafood spot in the heart of Sark, and should certainly be experienced for its incredible lobster dishes. The a la carte menu at Hotel Petit Champ Restaurant (Sark, Channel Islands) is divine, and the atmosphere is one of utter romance. La Moinerie Hotel Restaurant (La Moinerie Hotel, Sark, Channel Islands) is home to great fish dishes. The owner is a fisherman so patrons know they are getting only the freshest ingredients.

Herm has some restaurants worth visiting. The Ship Inn Brasserie (White House Hotel, Herm, Channel Islands) is the most famous restaurant on the island. The seafood cuisine on offer here is simply outstanding. In addition, Herm is also home to The Conservatory Restaurant (Herm, Channel Islands), which is another fine dining experience offering fresh meals from locally produced ingredients.

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