Herm, Jethou and Sark by James Stringer via Flickr Creative Commons

Sark and Herm are two of the smaller islands of the Channel Islands. However, this doesn’t mean they are any less intriguing. On the contrary, tourists looking for a unique getaway from mind-numbing city life need look no further. Both islands are car-free, and blanketed with a rural ambiance that is set upon a luscious, unspoiled natural environment. With horse-drawn carriages being a primary mode of transport on Sark and Herm, tourists can see that they are in for a holiday of a with a difference when vacationing on these islands.

Sark is the larger of the two islands. It is certainly seen as the most developed, with plenty of enjoyable attractions scattered across its landscape. The built attractions located on the island include a local museum that exhibits the island’s history. In addition, abandoned silver mines, a lighthouse, prison, and several other monuments can be found. Of course, landmarks carved by Mother Nature are the most spectacular.

Visitors can dive the surrounding coastal, enjoy cave explorations, discover massive rock pools, or simply stroll through the winding tracks and become engulfed in a sea of wildflowers. Sark is a beautiful destination, and so too is its smaller neighbor, Herm. This island is less developed that Sark, so most tourists that visit come for a daytrip rather than an extended stay. Exploring the caves and beaches around the island is recommended. Most tourists have to get around by bicycle, tractor-pulled carriage, or quad bike.

Accommodation is mostly found on Sark, but there are some hotels and guesthouses located upon the island of Herm too. In addition to hotels, the islands boast camping sites, cottages, and bed and breakfasts. If tourists are arriving onto the islands between May and September, making reservations is certainly recommended. Most of the restaurants on the islands of Sark and Herm are found inside the local hotels. However, the Avenue, Sark’s main street, is home to several popular dining spots. The cuisine found in the islands is phenomenal. Ingredients are fresh, and most are produced organically. Seafood is extremely popular, fresh, and relatively inexpensive. Cheese and wine, which are imported from the nearby French province of Normandy, are also great options.

Sark and Herm experience similar climates to other Channel Islands: both islands experience warmer summers, and warmer winters than the United Kingdom. Tourists should check the islands’ climates/weather before planning a holiday in Sark or Herm, as bad weather can make a vacation here somewhat unfavorable. The summer months of June, July, and August, generally receive the highest amount of sunshine and the highest temperatures during the year. May and September, though, the temperatures drop somewhat. Winters are usually characterized by much shorter days, mild temperatures, and higher rainfall.

Both Sark and Herm have no airports. The closest airports to the islands are found at Guernsey and Jersey. Most of the flights from these facilities connect to mainland Europe and the United Kingdom, and operate several times a day. Some routes, however, are seasonal flights. Getting between the islands is done by catamaran and ferries. Trips generally take under an hour, especially when the channel conditions are favorable.

Cars are not permitted on either Sark or Herm. The best way to get around is by horse-drawn carriage or tractor-pulled carriage. Speed limits on the islands are 10 miles an hour, so it doesn’t matter which transport option tourists choose. Of course, traveling by horse is a romantic and unique experience. Traveling the island by foot is recommended, as the paths lead to many beautiful lookout vantage points. In addition, there are wonderful wildflowers scattered across the island, making walks breathtaking.


  • Explore the caves at low tide
  • Stargaze after the sun goes down
  • Swim in the secluded beaches of Herm
  • Sample delicious and fresh ingredients from the islands
  • Walk the miles of paths leading into natural landmarks

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