Queen's Baton Relay visits Alderney, Sark & Herm by Guernsey Sports via Flickr Creative Commons

Sark and Herm holidays center around their island lifestyle. Many of the festivals and events take place on the island of Sark, as this is where most of the islands’ population resides. Nevertheless, there are some events of note that can be found on Herm too. Sark’s most famous event is the Sheep Racing weekend. However, beverage lovers may prefer to visit Herm’s only traditional pub for the Real Ale and Cider Festival every August.

Wildflower Fortnight

Sark’s amazing wildflower landscape is on display for everyone to see during the Wildflower Fortnight. From the end of April to the first fortnight in May, the island puts on a show, as the locals walk the many tracks taking in the sites of these stunning flowers. The visitors’ center also gets into the thick of things, hosting an exhibition during the fortnight.

Sark Folk Festival

During the month of June and July, the Sark Folk Festival returns to the island of Sark once more. Having only been held once, this festival was such a success that it is earmarked as a new annual event on the island’s calendar. It is only held over a weekend, but plenty of action occurs during the event. Performers from all over Europe, UK, and the Channel Islands flock to Sark to display their cultural talents.

Sark Sheep Racing

The Sark Sheep Racing festival is held in the month of July. It has become the most important annual event on the island’s calendar. The event is free, and provides a great few days of fun and excitement for the whole family. Yes, the racing of sheep does occur. However, there are plenty more attractions over the course of the weekend to entertain tourists and locals. Don’t miss the crowning of Miss Sark Sheep too.

Midsummer Show

Landscapers and amateur gardeners anticipate the Midsummer Show all year long, as this June event takes center stage during summer. Held at Island Hall in the heart of Sark, Midsummer Show is a horticultural exhibition, showcasing the local gardening talent around the island. The children’s displays will astound newcomers to this event.

Church Fayre

Every year, in the month of July, the Church Fayre takes place. This is held at the St Peter’s Church, in the adjacent Vicarage Gardens. It is a traditional fete, so tourists will see plenty of cultural performances during the show. In addition, there are side show options, rides, and plenty of gastronomic delights. Shoppers can also find bargains on local handicrafts.

Grand Autumn Show

The Grand Autumn Show is the largest horticultural fair on Sark. It is held during the final week of August, and gives the spotlight to the plethora of local garden designers and island produce. Entrance into Island Hall and the event is free, so tourists have more cash to spend on the local displays.

Real Ale and Cider Festival

On the island of Herm, one festival certainly stands out among the rest. The Real Ale and Cider Festival is held at the Mermaid Tavern, which happens to be the only traditional pub on Herm. Live music and food accompany the many different ales and ciders that are found at the event. These beverages come from more than three dozen regions across the UK.

Herm Fun Run

The most important sporting event on the island of Herm takes place in August. It is the Herm Fun Run, which navigates across the island using different length courses. Regardless of which course participants choose to run on, the views are extremely spectacular. Entry fees are required for those running, but spectators are free. This annual fun run is a charitable event.

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