German Gun Turret by James Vizard via Flickr Creative Commons

Sark and Herm are famous for their natural beautiful and seclusion. Tourists won’t find a plethora of rowdy tour groups while holidaying on the islands. This makes them that much more beautiful. Both islands have many kilometers of walking tracks, which venture through tiny villages, country hills, and coastal splendors. Therefore, trekking across the islands is a very popular activity for tourists.

Even though Sark and Herm may not be renowned diving spots, there are some magnificent underwater environments located around the coastlines. This makes scuba diving a very entertaining activity. Visitors can enjoy warm water and great visibility, especially between the months of April and October.

The islands of Sark and Herm are renowned for their incredible stargazing opportunities. It is not uncommon to see visitors spend their nights strolling into a field and resting with some food and drinks to stargaze for the evening. The low level pollution and light from the islands make them the perfect spots for viewing the night sky. Sark Escapes will provide more information for tourists wanting to star watch.

Both Herm and Sark are carless islands. Therefore, they are ideal for walking activities. The rugged landscape and beautiful scenery that radiates from these two islands are best seen on foot. Hikers will adore the serenity from the many coastal lookout points. Tourists will need to be somewhat fit if they want to walk the island span of Sark and Herm, but the hikes aren’t overly difficult. Visit Guernsey can provide tour details for hikers and walkers.

Sark and Herm may not be as renowned for its diving spots in comparison to destinations closer to the equator, but visitors can still find plenty of interesting diving sites around the island. The water is generally clean, warm, and visibility is good, so scuba diving is a great option. Pure Jersey can help organize diving tours in Herm.

Both being islands, it is not surprising that swimming is a popular activity for tourists. There are plenty of spots for great swimming opportunities. Herm is a quieter island, and therefore tourists are more likely to find a spot for themselves. Nevertheless, Sark is still an ideal place for swimming, especially in the summer months. The water generally stays warm in the summer months, so book a swimming holiday on the islands with Channel Islands Direct.

There are a number of boating activities found upon the island. If tourists would like to explore the coastline at their own pace, it is possible to find some kayaking facilities. Of course, it is much easier to charter a boat on Sark, and discover the beauty of the islands on the water. Sark Sipping Company is a reliable company offering boat tours.

Cave spelunking has become one of the most important tourist-pullers on the islands. Most of the caves are only accessible after low tide, so it is best for visitors to see these sites with a guide. Never venture into the caves near high-tide, as water can quickly fill these rock tunnels. Sark Island Tours can help arrange tour guides of the main caves on Sark.

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