Herm from Sark by James Stringer via Flickr Creative Commons

Sark and Herm Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis on Sark and Herm are totally dissimilar to taxis in other parts of the Channel Islands and the United Kingdom. Since there are no cars permitted on both Sark and Herm, taxis are operated by horse and carriages. This is actually more romantic than regular taxi services, but since the carriages can only go at 10 miles per hour, transportation is quite slow. Most of the horse and carriage services operate between the months of April and October. However, it is possible to hire these services in the colder months. Since cars are not allowed on both islands, car rental cannot be found in Sark and Herm.

Sark and Herm Water Taxis

Water taxis are not available, but there are several opportunities for tourists to travel the islands of Sark and Herm on the water. Yachts can be moored in two places upon Stark, including Havre Gosselin and La Greve de la Ville Bay. Tourists can book boat tours of the islands too. George Guille’s Island Boat Trips (+44-1481-832-345) are readily available. More active tourists can hire kayaks to get around the islands.

Sark and Herm Trains and Buses

Trains do not operate on the islands, and motorized buses do not operate either. The closest service to a bus on Sark is a tractor-drawn trailer. This operates from the harbor on Sark to the main part of the island. On Herm, visitors have to get around via quad bikes and other smaller vehicles.

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