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San Marino travelers will need to have a valid passport to get into the country. Visitors who are planning on staying for more than 20 days will need to apply for a tourism permit before arriving at San Marino. American travelers can find out more about the application process at http://travel.state.gov/visa/.

Health and Safety

The nation-state of San Marino is a very safe destination, especially when compared to its neighboring country, Italy. Nevertheless, tourists should not underestimate the chances of petty theft, especially pick pocketing. Tourists always need to stay vigilant with their belongings, and try not to wave around flashy items that may attract crime.

There are no diseases of note in San Marino, but tourists should have an understanding of the health system in the country. There are some very good medical clinics in San Marino, but if a serious medical emergency occurs, then tourists would generally be moved to a hospital in the neighboring Italian city of Rimini.

When traveling in San Marino, it is always beneficial to take a set of warm clothes, even when visiting in the summer months. Although it is not overly cold, the night time temperatures can drop to a point where tourists may need to wear warmer clothes to stay comfortable.

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