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San Marino’s shopping culture is surprisingly impressive. There are plenty of traditional and modern products located within San Marino, and the fact that goods in the republic are tax-free means tourists can find products at a cheaper price than in Italy. Shops across the country are open every day of the week, and remain busy, especially during the peak tourist season. San Marino is famous for several products, including ceramics, stamps, collectable coins, and iron objects. The old town center is one of the busiest places when it comes to shopping. Shops are generally stand-alone venues, located along the street. However, outside the city center, tourists can find several shopping malls and markets.

Traditional Products

The old streets of the city center are home to a tremendous range of ceramic goods, stamps, and gold coins. These have made San Marino quite famous among avid shoppers. Tourists can stroll down the main streets of San Marino City’s old town district to find rows of shops selling these popular products. The ceramic goods are intricately designed and extremely beautiful, which is why they are commonly purchased as souvenirs. Within the old town square, collectors can find stamps and coins that are world-renowned. The famous scudo coin is a gold coin that is still in circulation. However, these coins can be purchased in a currency set from numerous souvenir stores.


Due to the tax-free policy on many electrical goods, San Marino boasts a renowned electronics shopping culture. The best place in the republic to find electronic goods is in the aptly named department store known as Electronics. The mall is found in the town of Serravalle, and can be visited any day of the week.


There are several markets located in San Marino, but the largest and most famous is the Borgo Maggiore Market. It is held in the town of Borgo Maggiore, and runs from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every Thursday. There are dozens of stalls located within the marketplace, mostly selling everyday items. Also in Borgo Maggiore is the Antique and Second Hand Market, which occurs monthly, on the third Sunday. Plenty of unique collectibles can be found inside the market.

Shopping Centers

The country is also home to several shopping centers. The Azzurro Shopping Center and Centro Atlante are the two biggest malls found inside San Marino. In addition, the town of Serravalle also boasts the San Marino Factory Outlet.

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