Magic Garden by Randy Robertson via Flickr Creative Commons

San Marino may be small, but it is jam-packed full of amazing attractions and activities. The republic consists of several townships, all over which rest beneath the central San Marino City. Here, sightseeing is a fascinating activity, and millions of tourists know this. The area surrounding the top of Mount Titano is a beautiful spot, full of intriguing sites for touring.

Another entertaining activity while vacationing in San Marino is shopping. There are so many wonderful places to explore, especially in the old town area of San Marino City. Check out the markets too for a well-rounded shopping experience.

The country of San Marino is a beautiful place for daytrips. Therefore, sightseeing is the number one activity for tourists. Visitors from all over Italy make their way to this pocket of the country to explore San Marino. However, there are enough attractions to warrant a several-day holiday. The tour company, Pure Travel, offers package deals for sightseeing in San Marino.

Aerial Tramway is the cable car that connects the top of San Marino with the lower districts. It terminates at the top of Mount Titano, and travels over much of Borgo Maggiore, the largest municipality in the country. Trivago is a tour company that offers trips upon the aerial tramway.

Shopping is something that will surprise tourists. Even though the republic is only small, there are some spectacular shopping opportunities. Collectibles like ceramic plates, golden coins, and stamps are available, not to mention a range of world-renowned fashion brands. These are located in the shopping centers around San Marino. Markets are also found in the republic’s largest town, Borgo Maggiore. Enjoy a shopping experience through City Discovery.

Tourists can sample the sport of fishing when in San Marino. There are three rivers passing through the country, but tourists will find San Marino Lake to be much more thrilling when it comes to fishing. Real Adventures is a tour company providing fishing activities for holiday-makers.

Boating is available in San Marino, even though the country is landlocked. The lake, which is known as San Marino Lake, is usually frequented by yachts and sailing vessels. It is a great way to relax. Visit Pure Travel for more information about yachting and boating in San Marino.

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