La Rocca - San Marino by * Ivan Zanotti Photo * via Flickr Creative Commons


Italian is the main language spoken in San Marino. It is the official language for the country. Russian is quite popular due to the large number of Russian tourists to the republic each year. English is also becoming much more important for the younger generation too.


Even though San Marino is not part of the European Union, it has adopted the euro as its currency. San Marino is famous for its cheap goods when compared to other parts of Europe. This is because of the tax levy the local government puts on many goods. Credits cards can be used to make purchases, pay for hotel rooms, and restaurant bills. If tourists are unsure as to whether restaurants and shops accept credit cards, a simple question to the shop assistance or waiter is all that is required.


San Marino is one hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC +1). There is no time change between summer and winter in San Marino.


San Marino uses the European/Italian plug. The plug consists of three rounded pins lined in a horizontal position. The country uses 230 Volts at 50 Hertz, which is more than American appliances can withstand. Therefore, tourists are advised to bring a voltage converter if they plan to use their American-built appliances in San Marino.


The international dialing code for San Marino is +378. There are no area codes in the country, so tourists need only place the international dialing code before the telephone number. Internet services are available across San Marino, and are particularly accessible in the major cities. Internet cafés and hotels provide internet access for a fee


San Marino follows the duty-free limits outlined by Italy, since visitors have to get into Italy before reaching San Marino. Travelers over 17 years old may carry 250 grams of tobacco products, 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars. 16 liters of beer can be carried into the country, along with four liters of wine or one liter of spirits, granted the beverages are under 22 percent alcohol.

Tourist Office

San Marino Tourism Board, San Marino: +378-549-882-914 or

Embassies and Consulates in San Marino

Austrian Consulate, San Marino: +378-878-571 Italian Embassy, San Marino: +378-991-146 Maltese Consulate, San Marino: +378-862-224-73


Emergency services: 113

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