Palazzo Pubblico. by Matteo Paciotti via Flickr Creative Commons

San Marino Taxis and Car Rental

The nation of San Marino is small, so there are only a limited number of public transportation options. Nevertheless, taxis are always available, and reliable as well. There are more than half a dozen taxi companies operating inside San Marino. Tourists who enter the country from an Italian province may do so in an Italian-based taxi as well. Taxis are not overly expensive, simply because they never travel far enough to clock up expensive fares.

Of course, car rental is available in San Marino, but is not as popular as renting in Italy. Nevertheless, those tourists who prefer to be ‘in charge’ of their holiday will find several rental companies. Even vehicles from Italian-based firms, such as those found at Rimini Airport, can be driven within San Marino. Due to the fact that San Marino’s streets are limited and narrow, it is advised that only small cars be hired. This will make driving throughout the republic so much more pleasant.

San Marino Trains and Buses

There is a limited bus network operating at San Marino. However, the buses in the republic run between San Marino City and Rimini (a nearby coastal town in Italy). There are more than half a dozen runs per day, and the return journey generally takes anywhere between 40 and 50 minutes. Buses stop at some 20 different destinations in San Marino and near Rimini, so tourists can use this option for getting around parts of the republic. Tourists need to be reminded that aerial tramways and gondola cable facilities connect the upper conurbations of San Marino to the lower urban areas.

There are no trains operating in San Marino. The closest station is found at Rimini, just 10 miles from the heart of the republic.

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