San Marino by Richard Hopkins via Flickr Creative Commons

Rimini Airport

The country of San Marino does not have its own airport or international base. Therefore, tourists will have to fly into one of the nearby airports around the region. Rimini Airport, which is also called Rimini-Miramare Airport or Federico Fellini Airport, is only 10 miles from the heart of the San Marino City. It serves both the Italian coastal resort town of Rimini, and the Republic of San Marino. Russian air carriers like Ural Airlines and Red Wings Airlines are the busiest airlines flying into and out of Rimini Airport, although many of the flights are chartered or seasonal routes. Some of the busiest routes to Rimini Airport include Amsterdam and Moscow. American travelers cannot reach San Marino by direct flight, so a connection must be made to one of the larger European cities like Zurich, Moscow, Rome, or Copenhagen.

The terminal at Rimini Airport is home to a range of convenient passenger services. Coffee shops are available, and so too is a self-service restaurant. Passengers can enjoy a meal or snack before departing. The terminal contains both Schengen and non-Schengen zones, and shopping is possible in both areas. Duty-free stores are found inside Rimini Airport, along with regular stores. The terminal also boasts a bank, ATMs, information help desks, car hire, and holiday agents.

There are not too many transportation options for getting into San Marino from Rimini Airport. Buses make the journey between the airport and San Marino every hour. This option is generally regarded as the most convenient and inexpensive. However, there is also a car hire service found inside the terminal, and taxis are able to travel from Italian territory into San Marino.

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