Lisbon 2014 by Andy Walker via Flickr Creative Commons

All visitors to Portugal require a passport or if you're from a member country of the European Union, a national identification card. No visas are required for the EU, Canada, Australia or US citizens who stay less than 90 days. Portugal’s official tourism website has more information on visa requirements.

Health and Safety

Petty theft is the biggest crime most visitors may encounter during their trip to Portugal, but you can avoid this by keeping your valuables hidden in inside jacket pockets or money belts. Keep your eyes peeled for pickpockets around major tourist attractions, public transportation hubs and other crowded places.

Although European Health Insurance Card holders are entitled to free or reduced medical care, travel insurance is nonetheless recommended for all visitors. Tap water is safe to drink in most parts of Portugal, except the smaller and more isolated villages. Sunburns and heatstroke from the blisteringly hot summer sun are the biggest health risks visitors will encounter in the country.

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