Photo Credit: Paulo Capiotti

With the longest Caribbean coastline of any single country, it is no surprise that things to do in Venezuela are largely centered around the warm waters. Diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing, and windsurfing play an important part in the destination’s appeal. Inland, Venezuela offers an amazingly varied landscape, from tropical lowland to Andean highland, where suitable hiking and trekking options await.

The Caribbean Sea provides great scuba diving and Isla Margarita is a popular place to train. SSI Margerita provides full PADI instruction, equipment rental and arranges excursions. The Los Roques Archipelago is also loved for its surrounding reefs. Explore Yachts can arrange dive trips around the islands, yacht charter and powerboat rentals.

While the currents are not so great for regular surfing, Venezuela is a great place to go windsurfing, especially on El Yaque, which is a wind channel. Fluid Feeling can arrange excursions or kite surfing lessons.

Paragliding in the Andes has become an increasingly popular activity in Venezuela due to the perfect conditions around the tablelands near the city of Merida. Autana provides tandem flights or you can take a class to go at it on your own.

Trekking in the Gran Sabana region, home to Canaima National Park which contains Angel Falls, is a favorite with visitors. The highest of the rock plateaus is Roraima, which is 9,220 ft tall. Ruta HSA offers several treks in the region, taking in key sites of the falls.

A great way to spot wildlife is on a boat tour around the Orinoco River delta. Orinoco Tours offers three and four-day trips where you will be taken to visit indigenous Amerindian communities that live and fish on the riverbanks. You can also join the company for a three-day tour in the Los Llanos region, which is a great birding destination in Venezuela.

Amazon Adventures offers jungle expeditions into the rainforest in southern Venezuela. The company offers a five or twelve-day all inclusive trip with a combination of boats, treks and remote lodges on the itinerary that depart from Caracas.

Pico Bolivar in the Andes provides ample mountain climbing opportunities. Lost World Adventures runs multi-day treks up the mountain, departing from Merida. The company also offers combined hiking and horseback riding tours which descend to reach the plains of Los Llanos. If you have ten days, there is an additional option which includes whitewater rafting through Venezuela’s highest road at 13,000 ft to get to El Aguila Peak.

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