"Samoan Church" by Simon Clancy via Flickr Creative Commons

  • American Samoa is one of the South Pacific’s cheapest shopping destinations thanks to its lack of sales tax and adoption of the American dollar as its official currency
  • American Samoa lies within the Samoa Time Zone, GMT-11, the last time zone east of the International Date Line. Neighboring Samoa recently moved across the International Date Line at the end of 2011, so American Samoa is now 24 or 25 hours behind its nearby counterpart
  • Visitors can import a reasonable amount of perfume and up to five bottles or one American gallon of alcohol without incurring customs duties. Tobacco limitations are up to 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes, or just over a pound of tobacco
  • Respect Samoan culture by not wearing scantily clad clothes, remaining silent during the traditional early evening prayer period, and offering gifts called mea alofa to Samoan hosts

Contact Numbers

Police: 911 Emergency: 911 Lyndon B Johnson Tropical Medical Center: +1-684-633-1222 Samoa Consulate: +1-684-633 5919 Island Taxi: +1-684-633-5645

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