Photo Credit: Marques Stewart

Pago Pago International Airport

The only international airport in American Samoa is Pago Pago International Airport, situated three miles southwest of Pago Pago’s central business district in the community of Tafuna, in the middle of the island of Tutuila. This airport’s direct flights include two weekly Hawaiian Airlines flights to Honolulu, as well as daily flights to Faleolo International Airport in Samoa aboard Polynesian Airlines and Inter Island Airways. Inter Island Airways also happens to be the only airline offering regular flights between Pago Pago and the smaller Fitiuta Airport on the island of Ta’u. A travel agent, a restaurant, a post office, a VIP lounge, and souvenir and duty-free shops are this airport’s only amenities.

Rose’s Taxi Stand, Airport Cab, Airport Taxi Association, and Airport Taxi Service all offer 24-hour taxi service between Pago Pago International Airport and the rest of Tutuila. Tutuila’s bright aiga buses also make regular stops at the airport, which also offers car rental from Avis, as well as nearly 10 local companies. Visitors should note the American Samoa company Dollar Rental Car has no affiliation with the international Dollar franchise.

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