Photo Credit: Clive
  • Although Vancouver is generally a safe city, visitors should avoid the notorious East Hastings area of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
  • Abbotsford International Airport has become an increasingly popular alternative to Vancouver International Airport, despite its lack of public transportation options
  • Avoid venturing into British Columbia’s beautiful, yet dangerous, backcountry without an avalanche safety course or hiring an experienced guide
  • Always keep your eyes peeled and ears open for cougars and bears in isolated wooded areas

Contact Numbers

Police: 911 Emergency: 911 Vancouver General Hospital: +1-604-875-4111 Victoria General Hospital: +1-250-727-4212 United States Consulate: +1-604-685-4311 Consulate General of the United Kingdom: +1-604-683-4421 Consulate of Australia: +1-604-684-1177 MacLure’s Cabs: +1-604-731-9211

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