Road to Water by Gershoej Church Photo by Jacob Surland via Flickr Creative Commons

  • Adhere to street signs and avoid jaywalking when traveling on foot
  • Avoid walking or driving along the designated cycle lanes in cities like Copenhagen
  • Hitchhiking is common and reliable, but is illegal along highways
  • Cycling on highways and connecting bridges is not permitted, so use trains as an alternative form of transportation (bikes can be carried on trains)
  • When renting a car, read the fine print carefully as hidden costs can sometimes add 25 percent or more to the original rate
  • If possible, rent cars from Malmo in Sweden, then drive to Denmark as car rental in Denmark is much more expensive

Contact Numbers

Police: 114 Emergency: 112 Copenhagen University Hospital: +45-35-45-35-45 British Embassy: +45-35-44-52-00 US Embassy: +45-33-41-71-00 Australian Embassy: +45-70-26-36-76 Aarhus Taxa Bestillingskontor: +45-89-48-48-48

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