Summer things (Denmark #3 Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse) Photo by Nelson L. via Flickr Creative Commons

For a small nation, Denmark has a surprisingly large number of things to do. Whether tourists are the active type or prefer a relaxed approach to holidaying, there are activities to suit all. The fact that Denmark is so compact makes it easy to get to everything, as travel time is usually minimal. The beaches along Denmark’s vast coastline offer ideal spots for swimming, strolling, or surfing. Cruising the islands is one of the best sightseeing opportunities Europe has to offer whether it be from Copenhagen’s Canal Tours to the ships circling Denmark’s 72 inhabited islands.

Taking in a concert should be a priority for all travelers to Denmark. This country is considered by many to be the heart and soul of Europe’s music scene. It doesn’t matter what month of the year you visit, as the nation is likely to be hosting a concert or show of local or international music of some kind. The Rock Festival in Roskilde and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival are two of the most popular events and ticket sales usually go toward a good cause. The Wanderers offer great package deals that include festival tickets.

Believe it or not, Denmark has a longer coastline than India and one that is comparable in size and impressiveness to Brazil. Golden sand adds a unique dimension to this northern European destination and relaxing on the beach is a great way to pass the time, although hot, sunny days are not promised. Some of the more renowned beaches in the country, such as Gudmindrup Beach, can be experienced through Out of Sight! Tours.

Coastal fishing has become a modern day magnet for tourists. Denmark’s pristine, cold water mean there is an abundance of fish. Sea trout and cod are great catches in Denmark’s waters, but the freshwater species found in the nation’s streams, brooks, and lakes are just as plentiful. Tourists need to obtain a license, which is valid for one year and tours can be arranged through GoFISHn.

Hunting is a popular pastime in Denmark where a range of rodents and wildlife are perfect targets for inexperienced hunters. Experts will also find plenty of challenging game to perfect their shot. Hunting on your own is restricted, so tourists will need to book a tour through one of the available travel companies like Diana Hunting Tours.

Near the busy Legoland complex in Billund, tourists can swim at Lalandia, the largest and most popular water park in Denmark. When the beaches get crowded in the summer, Lalandia is the place to go. It is possible to stay overnight at the park, so visitors can experience the waterslides, wave zone, and indoor play areas several days in a row. A golf course, a skating rink, restaurants, and children’s shows are also found in the complex. Save time by booking through Legoland Holidays.

Boat cruises are a great way to see Denmark as much of the country is surrounded by islands, inlets, and bays. A huge range of cruises and tours are available from one-hour Copenhagen cruises to several-hour Scandinavian explorers. It is best to go boating in the warmer months as the waters and winds are uncomfortably chilly between October and March. Take the headache out of holiday arrangements by touring with Scan Tours.

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