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Due to its long history under Portuguese rule, Angolans regard Portuguese as their official language. Other African languages are also commonly spoken, including Bantu, Umundi, Kikongo, and Kimbundu. English is taught in school, but is not as widely used.


Kwanza (AOA) is the official currency of Angola, and notes are available in denominations of AOA2000, 100, 500, 200, 100, 50, 10, and 5. Importing or exporting any amount of kwanza is illegal and attempting to will result in penalties, confiscation, and possibly even imprisonment. Credit cards have limited acceptance and American Express, Visa, and Diners Club may only be used in large hotels and high-end restaurants. There are many ATMs in town, although they rarely accept foreign cards. Bringing cash or travelers’ checks is a good idea as currency exchange should only be done at an official office.


GMT + 1:00.


The standard electric voltage in Angola is 220V at 50Hz. Plugs have round pins, so bring appropriate adapters and converters for your electronics.


The country code for Angola is +244. With heavily overloaded telephone, cellular and landline connections, communications can be slow and challenging. International lines are much less convoluted and are often better than local lines. Internet is provided by various telecom companies and private service companies.


You can bring 400 cigarettes or up to 500 g of cigars or other tobacco products without incurring customs duties in Angola. Visitors are also allowed to import up to two liters of wine and one liter of spirits, as well as 50 ml of perfume and similar products, along with 250 ml of eau de toilette. Souvenirs, gifts, and other personal items should not exceed the value of US $500. Banned imports include firearms and ammunition, plants that come from sensitive areas, pornographic materials, gaming machines, animals without proper certification, pure alcohol, money, postal stamps, and dangerous medicines and food.

Tourist Office

Angola has no official National Tourist Office. US Embassy information can be found at

Consulates in Angola

United States Consulate, Luanda: +244-222-641-000 British Consulate, Luanda: +244-222-334-582 Canadian Consulate, Luanda: +244-222-448-371 Serbian Consulate, Luanda: +224-222-321-421 German Consulate, Luanda: +244-222-334-516 Greek Consulate, Luanda: +244-239-6852


Police: 113 Fire Department: 115 Medical Emergency: 112

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