Photo Credit: Nathan HJ

Angola’s natural beauty is its biggest draw. From its scenic coastline, waterfalls and rivers to the colorful landscapes that span its jigsaw puzzle of geography, it is a truly mixed bag of adventures and things to do. Tribal towns are still very active in many parts of the country and you will find remnants of the colonial days almost everywhere. The richness of the Angola’s cultural heritage is evident in the colorful craft markets.

Luanda and Benguela provide opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Another must-see is Kwanza Sul, where the famed Cubal Canyon and Conde Hot Springs can be found. A few years down the road and even the most guarded gems and attractions will be open to tourists, as long as peace and developments continue to prevail.

Angola’s varied landscapes and experiences will fill your holiday calendar. Whether it’s hitting the beaches or exploring the Namib Desert, you’ll never run out of opportunities to escape to different corners of the country. Jenman African Safaris specializes in trips across Africa’s last frontier, from city tours and museum visits in the capital to ancient towns, game parks and tribal villages.

Beach driving is particularly exhilarating, as vehicles squeeze between the gorgeous sand dunes and powerful ocean waves. Adventure seekers needing even more of an adrenaline rush will also enjoy the winding roads of the splendid Leba Pass. Africa on Safari is just one of the many tour operators that can guide you.

Wildlife safaris are a must when in Africa. Parque National de Iona is one of the best reserves to explore. Arco Oasis and its beautiful rock formations in Namib, along with hot springs and cruise-worthy rivers, are also worth a wander. Scenic tours are available from Angolan Adventure Safaris, one of the longest running operators in the country.

Be sure to try boating and sport fishing while in Angola, especially if you find yourself in Kwansa, which is just a few miles from Luanda. There are developed camping areas around Foz do Cuanza, Foz du Cunene and Flamingo for a memorable night under the stars. Contact Angolan Getaways for these type of activities.

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