Known for centuries of impressive royal heritage, Brunei is a tiny gem on the island of Borneo’s northern shores. The Sultanate of Brunei may be a small country, but its wealth in petroleum and natural gases make it important on a global scale. A prosperous, peace-loving nation, they have been led by the same family for over 600 years.

Brunei is a hospitable, safe country boasting a wide range of leisure and cultural activities. It takes just half a day to explore the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan and afterwards, you can seek out towns like Kuala Belait and Bangar. There are eco-tours and boat trips to the district of Temburong or head to the Belalong National Park in the Borneo rainforest. For diving enthusiasts, Brunei is home to exciting and breathtaking underwater attractions, including shipwrecks and unique marine species.

Brunei has earned a reputation for being upscale and cosmopolitan, so there should be no problem finding high-end accommodations and food. Almost everyone speaks English and all kinds of travelers - from honeymooners, families, sports enthusiasts, to nature-lovers – will find something to do. The capital has all the conveniences of an urban center without the pollution and the traffic jams of a more established hub.

First class amenities and natural attractions make Brunei a great destination for team building, corporate retreats, brainstorming and meetings. Brunei also serves as an international gateway to other destinations like Dubai, Bali, Singapore, Manila, and Kuala Lumpur thanks to the vast regional network of Royal Brunei Airlines. It can likewise be a stopover point to or from New Zealand and Australia.


  • Embark on an eco tour through Belalong National Park and the Temburong district
  • Scuba dive to discover historical wonders like the Cement Wreck, the Blue Water Wreck, and the Australian Wreck
  • Try your hand at underwater macro photography, where plenty of nudibranchs and the Rig Reef can be found.
  • Sample the flavorful nasi katok (curry chicken or beef and rice)
  • Ride a water taxi around Bandar Seri Begawan

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