"Rain Droplets on Windshield" by Labut via Flickr Creative Commons

Brunei is located on the northwestern portion of Borneo and is a part of the equatorial climatic zone. It remains hot and humid (between 70 and 100 percent) throughout the year. Brunei is a semi-tropical country so can see scorching temperatures during the dry season from 75°F to 97°F. The rainy season is wet and warm, with weather between 68°F and 82°F.

Overall, the climate is greatly affected by the tides. Heavy rainfall is generally experienced from September to January, while the dry season lasts from February to April. It is advised to wear light and loose clothing, but bring a cover up for visits to the religious sites and mosques.

Best Time to Visit Brunei

The best time to visit Brunei is between May to October, as equatorial monsoon winds from the sea cause heavy rainfall from December to March. You can also time your visit to the end of Ramadan, when the Sultan opens his palace doors to all visitors.

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