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Brunei may be a small kingdom, but there are plenty of things to do while on holiday. It’s a refreshing destination for adventure-seekers, sports lovers, nature-trippers, luxury travelers, or business fliers who are tired of the typical fast-paced and crowded cities. A four-day trip is more than enough if you want to see the national parks, go scuba diving, discover colorful reefs and eerie shipwrecks, and visit the mosques.

Boat tours are among the most popular activities in Brunei. In Kuala Belait, boats are available near the market and you can rent one for a 45-minute ride up the river. Head to the tiny village of Kuala Balai or transfer from Hotel Sentosa.

Mona Florafauna Tours specializes in wildlife and outdoor excursions within Brunei. Go on an eco tour around Belalong National Park to see the research center and the breathtaking canopy walk. Book a trip in Bandar Seri Begawan to see the beautiful Palau Selirong mangrove, which is home to a wildlife sanctuary of endangered proboscis monkeys. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the mangrove by boat when from Uara. Tasek Merimbun Lake is Brunei’s largest water source tucked in Tutong District’s hill resort, which is an hour away by car from the capital. Jungle trails, bird watching, and peaceful picnic spots await visitors.

Poni Divers provides scuba diving packages in Brunei. The waters are teeming with fish and corals, as well as many notable shipwrecks, including the 80-meter trawler infamously known as the “Blue Water Wreck.” You should also see the popular “Cement Wreck,” a Japanese freighter that carried cement until it sunk after a collision with the sandbank in the 1980s. Another worthy diving site is the “Australian Wreck,” the interior of a vessel which struck a mine on its way to Manila. It is approximately 85 meters in size and lies 35 meters below the surface. There is also the Rig Reef, which is home to amazing schools of fish.

Some diving sites provide the opportunity to do underwater macro photography. The colorful sea life makes Brunei a great place to photograph. Since Brunei is not commercialized and overly-developed, the coral reefs are pristine and unspoiled. The water is warm, and visibility is often within the range of 10 to 30 meters.

The most notable beaches in Brunei are in Muara, which is easily accessible from major ferry and commercial ports. Enjoy beautiful stretches of sand and sunbathing. Water sports can be enjoyed in Muara, Kuala Belait and Serasa. Lumut Beach (Close to Tutong) is another spot that should not be missed if you are interested in getting active. Intrepid Tours can help you organize packages and options.

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