Photo Credit: Ralph Combs

Cambodia has classic tropical weather, with two noticeable climates - wet and dry. The wet season, around May to October, is due to the southwest monsoon and sees an estimated two-thirds of the country’s annual rainfall. The wettest period is July to September; however, rather than raining steadily all day, there’s usually one downpour lasting a couple of hours. The Cardamon Mountain region and coastal areas experience the worst of it. With the northeast monsoon in October comes the dry season when temperatures drop to around 78°F from November to January. However, by April the country becomes a furnace and the mercury readings soar over 100°F.

Best Time to Visit Cambodia

April, with its scorching heat, is naturally the best month to avoid. However, don’t be put off by the wet season. The countryside becomes lush and bucolic, the temples take on more appeal among stunning greenery, and the early evening usually brings tremendous thunderstorms which provide great entertainment as people scurry about, so long as you can watch from a dry spot. As the monsoon season tends to be the low season, many tourist destinations and attractions become quieter and accommodation is likely to be much cheaper.

If you’re planning to spend your trip actively on the go, or just lazing on one of Cambodia’s white beaches, then it makes sense to book a trip between November and January. It may be a little busier and slightly more expensive, but you won’t be constantly worrying about a torrential downpour and are guaranteed clear skies.

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