"Tuk Tuk" by Ariel Leuenberger via Flickr Creative Commons

Cambodia Taxis and Car Rental

While it is getting easier to hire a taxi in Phnom Penh and the other major cities, there are still very few metered taxis on the roads. Hotels can book you a taxi or a private car for the day; however you are unlikely to be able to flag one down in the road, with only a couple of firms in operation. For long distance journeys, it is possible to get a shared taxi or minibus. Car Rental Co, Ltd (+855-23-880-001) is available for hire in Phnom Penh, while Siem Reap Taxi Service (+855-979-330-300) is useful for transportation in and around Siem Reap.

Cambodia Tuk-Tuk and Moto Taxis

The common and fun way to get around the towns and cities of Cambodia is in a tuk-tuk (a small motorcycle with attached carriage), or on the back of a motorcycle (known locally as a moto, moto taxi, or motodop). Moto drivers are indistinguishable from anyone else on a bike, but they are never far away and will be more than keen to make their presence heard. Expect to pay a little more for a tuk-tuk, especially if there’s a few of you. It is always useful to agree on a price prior to setting off.

Cambodia Trains and Buses

Cambodia has no running passenger trains, although there are plans to rehabilitate the transportation network linking the country to China and Singapore at some point. Buses, on the other hand, are a prime form of travel from city to city. While there are no local bus networks within the cities, private companies operate to and from major destinations domestically and regionally. The qualities of the buses vary, but prices are usually extremely low. The difference between a pleasant and brutal eight-hour journey tends to only be few dollars, so it’s always worth opting for the most luxurious option. GST Express Bus (+855-12-895-550) and Phnom Penh Sorya Transport Co, Ltd (+855-23-240-359) both provide a good service and operate numerous domestic routes.

Cambodia Boats

Once key to getting around Cambodia, boats are now less frequently used due to major road improvements in the last few years. However, a relaxed journey along the mighty Mekong remains one of the most scenic ways to explore the kingdom. One of the most popular boat trips for tourists is the six-hour journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, which VietVision Travel (+855-12-498-599) operates daily during the dry season (October to April).

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