"The Orange Line" by Balint Földesi via Flickr Creative Commons
  • If you are entering Cambodia via air and require a visa, make sure to fill out all the required documentation before arrival, as the visa desk can become rather hectic and disorganized
  • When traveling in a tuk-tuk or moto taxi, it is always a good idea to carry a map, as drivers usually have limited English and tend to nod eagerly regardless of whether they know your destination or not
  • When traveling in the provinces, or around temples, make sure to stick to the designated paths, as many areas in rural Cambodia are still littered with land mines
  • It’s always useful to rent a helmet if you plan to travel via moto taxis

Contact Numbers

Police: 117 Emergency: 117 (police), 118 (fire), 119 (ambulance) Royal Rattanat Hospital: +855-23-986-992 US Embassy: +855-23-427-124 UK Embassy: +855-23-427-124 Australian Embassy: +855-23-213-470 Car Rental Co, Ltd: +855-23-880-001

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