Photo Credit: Christopher Policarpio

No vaccinations are required to visit Yukon Territory and citizens of the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and many European countries do not need a visas to enter Canada. If you’re of another nationality, you can check your visa requirements at the Citizenship and Immigration website (

Health and Safety

With a crime rate over 3x the Canadian average, the Yukon Territory’s statistics appear scary on paper. Whitehorse even has a homicide rate 355 percent higher than the rest of Canada. However, the vast majority of this crime is drug or alcohol related, so visitors who steer clear of those substances should have no problem having a relaxing vacation.

Outside of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory’s biggest safety issues are the wildlife who roam the forests, as well as the small mosquitoes and blackflies which buzz in the summer. Head nets and insect repellent provide the best protection against the latter. All vehicles should be equipped with five full gallons of fuel, heater fans, bug screens, and plastic headlight guards before taking on the territory’s remote roads.

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