Photo Credit: Philip Morton

Several of Yukon Territory’s signature souvenirs don’t come cheap, especially the handmade gold nugget jewelry and the watches sold at Whitehorse’s Gold Originals by Charlotte and Dawson City’s The Rock. Both stores also have mammoth ivory and hand-carved silver jewelry. Canadian diamonds are the most expensive gifts at Whitehorse’s Murdoch’s Gem Shop and Paradise Alley. If you just want to browse, the gold nuggets on display at Dawson City’s Klondike Nugget and Ivory Shop are a sight to marvel at.

Visitors who did not strike it rich while panning for gold will find more affordable souvenirs inside Yukon Territory’s trading posts. Watson Lake’s Northern Beaver Post Gift Shop sells jade jewelry, carvings and handmade moccasins. Soft fur mittens and beaded vests are among the handmade Tr’ondek Hwech’in items available at Dawson City’s Front Street Trading Post, while Caribou Crossing sells antiques, fur and countless other Yukon-made items in Carcross.

Mac’s Fireweed Books claims to have North America’s biggest selection of magazines, but this Whitehorse bookshop also boasts the largest collection of books, maps, DVDs, and other Yukon Territory media. Visitors can also stock up on homemade aromatherapy and skin care products from the Aroma Borealis Herb Shop and Lilli Pie Lotions during their stay, while Climate Clothing is one of Whitehorse’s best places to get warm, organic winter wear.

For the essentials, Whitehorse also has Yukon Territory’s largest selection of typical North American chain stores, but most visitors prefer to buy their necessities at old-fashioned general stores and trading posts which sell seemingly everything under the sun.

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