Canada - Vancouver - False Creek, Burrard Bridge Photo by Harshil Shah via Flickr Creative Commons

  • Visitors to Canada should focus on a specific region to get the most out of their stay, as Canada’s tremendous size makes it virtually impossible to see all its attractions in just a few weeks
  • Flying is often a cheaper way to travel between cities than driving, especially since Canada has some of the world’s costliest car insurance minimums, longest distances between major cities, and limited mileage policies between provinces
  • In Canada, fuel is sold in liters, distances are measured in kilometers, and temperatures are reported in Celsius
  • Visitors driving between Canada and the United States should give themselves extra time as it often gets crowded at border crossings

Contact Numbers

Police: 911 Emergency: 911 Montréal General Hospital: +1 514 934 1934. Toronto General Hospital: +1 416 340 3111 Vancouver General Hospital: +1 604 875 4111. United States Embassy: +1-613-688-5335 British High Commission in Canada: +1-613-237-1530 Australian High Commission in Canada: +1-613-236-0841 416-Taxicab: +1-416-829-4222

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