Photo Credit: Matt Biegacki

Vatican City, which is surrounded by Rome, naturally shares the same climate as its neighbor. Indeed, the Mediterranean weather here makes the city-state a pleasant place to visit at any time of year. Summers are warm and dry, while winters are humid and mild. Temperatures hover above 68°F for much of the year, dipping to 50°F on average at night. Even the coldest month, January, doesn’t see the mercury drop below 50°F in the day and rarely sees snow. However, the peak summer months of June and July can be uncomfortable as temperatures can rise above 86°F and humidity peaks at 77 percent.

Best Time to Visit Vatican City

The Vatican can be visited year round, as the weather here is rarely reason to put a dampener on sightseeing or guided tours, many of which are mostly indoors. Expect crowds at any time of year, but visitor numbers peak during the summer high season, from June to August. Expect inflated Rome hotel prices and little in the way of availability without advance booking during these summer months. At other times of year, barring the main Christian festivals such as Easter and Christmas, crowds are lower and prices are more reasonable.

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