Photo Credit: Daniel Sjöström

Sweden Taxis and Car Rental

Taxis are in abundance in the cities of Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg and other major towns in Sweden. They tend to be on the expensive side, but if you need service, there are plenty of companies around the country, including Taxi Kurir (+46-8-30-00-00) and TopCab (+46-8-33-33-33). The yellow sticker inside the cab is the general fare charged by the driver with the average being about 300 krona. Anything above this is too much, so walk away before you get ripped off.

Car rental is available at most airports, train stations and major cities. However, in places like Malmo and Stockholm, prices can be expensive, driving full of tolls, and parking often tricky so having four wheels is usually more stressful than helpful. Nevertheless, the main airport, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, has several companies for a plethora of options. Be wary when driving during the colder months, and always ask for insurance.

Sweden Water Taxis

Water taxis are used in Sweden, although mostly in cities located on rivers or harbors. In Gothenburg, the river Alvsnabben has regular crossings with ferries. Stockholm uses water taxis as more of a tourist mover than local commuters. Scandlines, Finnferries, Tallink, and Poleferries are just a small selection of the carriers that connect Sweden to Germany, Finland, Norway, the small Baltic States, and Poland.

Sweden Trains and Buses

Sweden’s inner-city bus networks differ by city. Stockholm is home to an incredibly efficient system, which boasts four lines connecting to the heart of town. Buses are relatively cheap and convenient.

There are a number of inter-city bus companies operating throughout Sweden, although most of the routes either end or begin near downtown Stockholm. The Y-Bus and Harjedalingen networks operate between Stockholm and the northern city region of Norrland.

Inner city trains are extremely efficient, especially in Stockholm. The capital has several transportation options, including light rail, suburban rail and the underground subway. Train routes to Germany, Finland, Norway and Denmark are available from Stockholm. The train is a cheap alternative to expensive domestic flights.

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