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Active is a verb that comes to mind when describing things to do in Sweden. The natural landscape which can only truly be appreciated for several months a year is rich in beauty and diversity. From the islands that spawn the Stockholm Archipelago, to the peaks of Serak National Park, Sweden offers an exciting array of historical and cultural-related activities for travelers and locals alike. Skiing is a must in the long winter Nordic climate and snowboarding trips to the north are some of the best in the world.

However, Sweden is not just a winter wonderland. In the short, yet satisfying summer, the ice makes way for the water, providing a long list of entertainment. The beaches around Stockholm are among Scandinavia’s finest, so visitors can work on their tan or swim in the cool waters near the capital.

Sweden is bountiful in lakes and waterways, therefore kayaking/canoeing have become very popular ways to stay active in the country while exploring the waterways. The best place to go on a paddle adventure is the Stockholm Archipelago, which contains hundreds of interesting sites offered through Viator.

Sweden is a Nordic country, so skiing is a popular activity. Riksgransen is located in the far northern region of the country, and offers superb terrain for all levels. Åre is another resort that has grown in prominence, now among the top spots in Scandinavia. Neilson offers dozens of trips at various resorts around Sweden.

The country is sprawling with hills, valleys and mountains that are just waiting to be explored. Hiking is a tremendously popular activity among visitors. Head to the famous trail Kungsleden in Sweden’s Norrland region, or experience the thrills of Kullaberg Natural Reserve’s hiking paths. Scandinavian Adventure Travel can help you find the best trek for your ability level.

A competitive country, sports have become an integral part of the Swedish culture. With internationally renowned football, tennis, and hockey teams, Sweden is also home to sports unique to them, including bandy; which is similar to broomball, played on ice with a ball. Check out Gullivers Sports Tours for more information about tickets, matches and leagues.

Believe it or not, Sweden is home to many beautiful swimming spots. Major cities and smaller towns have indoor and outdoor pools. Known as the land of lakes, tourists are never far from water to dip in. Stockholm and Malmo have several important beaches, which are swimmable even in the coldest winter months. Travelwhere can direct you to the best spots for sunbathing.

Travelers into climbing and mountaineering are able to find several famous spots throughout Sweden. Kullaberg Natural Reserve is a phenomenal place to explore with a number of scenic cliffs. Experienced mountaineers should head to the northern tip of Sweden, where Serak National Park awaits. The most challenging climbs are here, but beware of the quick-moving and unfavorable weather. Nature’s Best has details on all the options and guides.

Sweden also boasts many lusciously greens with rental equipment for visitors. The city of Malmo provides plenty of golfing opportunities, especially around the flat landscape of Skane. There is a recently constructed 36-hole link which is said to be of PGA standard. Visit Swedish Golf Tours for the best packages available.

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