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Sweden is bursting with historical and cultural attractions to suit the differing tastes of visitors. From the Royal Palace in the heart of Stockholm to the northern natural splendors of Sarek National Park, the country contains a rich arsenal of entertaining sites. Liseberg Funpark is a modern amusement park with plenty of thrill rides to scare the wits out of brave tourists. For a more relaxed day, Kullaberg National Park is a great spot to enjoy coastal scenery and a refreshing hike.

Royal Palace

Built in both the 17th and 18th centuries, the Royal Palace is one of Sweden and Scandinavia’s most impressive structures. It is found in the interesting Gamla Stan district of the capital and you can tour the inside. The Royal Antiquities Museum, Tre Kronor Museum, Treasury and the Royal Apartments are some of the impressive areas that are open to the public, but check the calendar because the palace is closed during royal ceremonies. Address: Kungliga Slottet, Stockholm, Sweden Phone: +46-8-402-60-00 Website:

Kalmar Slott

Kalmar Slott was one of Sweden’s most important buildings, but today it is part of the country’s ravishing castle culture. The edifice is home to an eerie dungeon, secret passageways, royal chambers, and an intricate Royal Hall. This Renaissance-style structure can be visited year round and guided tours are provided on-site, which is recommended. Address: Kungsgatan 1, Kalmar, Sweden Phone: +46-480-45-14-90 Website:

Liseberg Funpark

Sweden’s most recognized amusement park, Liseberg Funpark, is a great place to take the entire family. Located southeast of Gothenburg, more than three million people each year visit the attraction. A wooden roller coaster, concerts and shows contrast with a plethora of modern day thrill rides so both old and young can get their adrenaline pumping for an enjoyable afternoon. Address: Orgrytevagen 5, 402 22 Gothenburg, Sweden Phone: +46-31-40-01-00 Website:

Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park is a fantastic place for active tourists who have had previous mountaineering, rock climbing or advanced hiking experience. One of Europe’s oldest national parks, the area sits in the country of Jokkmokk, which is one of Lapland’s coldest and rainiest regions. Nevertheless, those who don’t mind the unfavorable weather conditions are in for a real treat exploring the Rapa River delta and Mount Skierffe peak. Address: Muddus, Sweden Phone: +46-971-222-50 Website:


An indoor ecosystem and science center unlike anything else anywhere in Europe, there are about half a dozen different exhibits at Universeum including a rainforest zone, criminology scene, humans and technology area, Swedish waterway, and Oceanarium. There are dozens of hands-on activities to keep kids entertained for at least several hours. The Museum of World Culture and Swedish Exhibition Center are also located inside the attraction. Address: Sodra vagen 50, 400 20 Gothenburg, Sweden Phone: +46-31-335-64-50 Website:

Vasa Museum

Vasa, the 17th century ship which was once at the bottom of Soltsjon, is now one of Scandinavia’s most alluring historical landmarks. The wooden edifice sank in the 1600’s under controversial circumstances, only to be raised from the depths three hundred years later by the Swedish government. The ship was given a painstaking makeover and intricately re-built and refurbished, providing an unparalleled peek into the lives of 17th century sailors. Cannon balls, weapons, and carvings are all on display on board this fascinating museum ship. Address: Galarvarvsvagen 14, 115 21, Stockholm, Sweden Phone: +46-8-519-548-00 Website:


Located in the Scania region of Sweden, Kullaberg National Park is a beautiful natural environment with plenty to see and do. Climbing the many cliffs, caves and rocky hills are a popular pastime. The beach art found in Kullaberg is also famous as Lars Vilks constructed the wooden pieces, which are among the most visited attractions in Sweden. Silver Cave and Visit Cave are two of the more notable cave systems found in the area. Address: Kullaberg, Sweden Phone: +46-42-34-72-01 Website:


Located on the island of Gotland, Visby is a UNESCO World Heritage site that boasts a formidable list of attractions and one of the most popular destinations in Sweden. From the Gotland’s Museum to the church ruins scattered across the town, Visby is an awesome place to spend a few days. Flights from Stockholm make it easy for tourists to explore the iconic 13th century medieval wall, which boasts three main gates and over three miles of fortification. Address: Visby, Gotland Phone: n/a Website: n/a

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