Czech-04059 - Church of Our Lady before Týn Photo by Dennis Jarvis via Flickr Creative Commons

A passport valid for a minimum of three months is required for all foreigners entering the Czech Republic. US citizens do not need a visa to enter the country for up to 90 days. Visas for longer stays can be acquired prior to your trip by contacting the Czech Republic Embassy in Washington ( You may be asked to provide financial records and medical insurance that covers you for a minimum of US $35,000: which can be done through a health insurance card or internationally recognized credit card with included insurance.

Health and Safety

There are few major health risks for travel to the Czech Republic, though there is a small risk of tick-borne encephalitis in rural and heavily forested areas during the peak summer months. There is a small chance of contracting rabies, and if bitten you should immediately seek medical attention. Immunization against hepatitis B is also advised.

As with any tourist destination, Prague has some problems with pick-pocketing, especially around its busy shopping areas and main squares. Stay extra vigilant around the Charles Bridge.

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