"Sunset; Hamilton, Bermuda" by Bill via Flickr Creative Commons

Climates in the British Overseas Territories can vary depending on the geographical elements and location. For example, weather in the Falklands is characterized by strong westerly winds with the southeastern sections likely to experience more rain than the far western areas. In Montserrat, temperatures average between 76°F to 88°F throughout the year and are moderated by cool breezes, with slightly more rainfall from July until November. Bermuda enjoys a sub-tropical climate, with the coldest temperature being 42°F. Gibraltar remains warm all year, with mild winters that average 62°F and summer temperatures getting up to 86°F from May through September.

Best Time to Visit British Overseas Territories

Gibraltar can be visited any time because it is blessed with warm weather throughout the year. Schedule your trip to Anguilla or the British Virgin Islands during the dry season (winter) from mid-December to mid-April. Avoid June or July to November, which is hurricane season. The Cayman Islands are best explored from December to April.

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