"Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa Pool" by Axalady via Flickr Creative Commons

The British Overseas Territories have varied shopping facilities to cater to the needs of every visitor that can primarily be found in the main cities and tourist centers. If you are looking to snag souvenirs and unique gifts, head to the street stalls.

In Anguilla, you can find several art galleries selling woodcarvings, sculptures, and paintings. There is also the dedicated Arts and Crafts Center where you can buy accessories made from shells. Large resorts and hotels usually have their own upscale boutiques where you can buy swimwear and resort clothing. Be sure not to miss the independent boutiques and stores in the more remote areas where you can find uniquely designed jewelry and other local items.

Some places, such as Gibraltar, offer duty- and VAT-free shopping, so it is possible to buy luxury goods at bargain basement prices. The Gibraltar Crystal Factory and the shops near Main Street are worth perusing. If you are in the Falklands, you will find the prices of goods to be slightly more expensive than the UK mainland because most products have to be imported. Head to Stanley to buy Falkland wool sweaters and jewelry, as well as art made from pebbles and other reusable materials.

Spas in British Overseas Territories

In some tourist towns destinations, spas are a big part of the lifestyle for both visitors and locals. Anguilla’s major hotels have their own facilities where you can enjoy a range of treatments with locally made treatments. Maliouhana Hotel, Cap Juluca and Viceroy Hotel (Anguilla) are just a few of the places where you can enjoy a day of pampering, even if you are not a hotel guest.

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