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Belarus has a moderate and enjoyable maritime to continental climate with warm summers and mild winters. The summer months fall between May and September when temperatures can reach around 80°F. However, rain showers are common, especially in the wetlands of the country where the weather is slightly cooler. The great thing about visiting during spring and fall is the long days, with sunshine late into the evening. Be warned, though, as romantic as a snow-filled winter trip may be, the sun sets early and the thermometer can drop as low as 12°F. Snow can sometimes last for up to 125 days in a row in the northern regions of the country.

Best Time to Visit Belarus

Belarus experiences a quiet, yet steady flow of tourists throughout the year, especially in its chic capital city, Minsk, with the majority of establishments and attractions open year-round. The peak season falls in the warmest months of June and July, although the Christmas period is also busy, so if you’re planning to visit during these times, book well in advance.

The northern areas of Belarus are very quiet for most of the year, so advanced reservations for accommodation is not usually necessary. Both spring and fall are great times to visit the bucolic country, as the rolling landscape transforms, offering fantastic scenery and pleasing climates. Trips during the fall also provide visitors with the opportunity to see the transition from warm to cold weather and short daylight hours.

If you can brave it, the winter season (December to March) offers magnificent scenery, as most of Belarus is white-washed in snow, ample skiing and hotel discounts can be found. Due to the unpredictable weather particularly in the higher destinations, waterproof jackets are recommended regardless of the time of year.

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