Photo Credit: Ritzo ten Cate

Belarusian visas are required for nationals of most countries, including citizens of the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. They can be purchased at embassies and consulates, or in some cases at Minsk International Airport on arrival for a higher fee. Documentation, including a letter of invitation, has to be provided in order to meet the requirements of a tourist visa. More information on visa requirements for US citizens can be found at

Heath and Safety

Crime is fairly common in Belarus; however, few reports of attacks on tourist have been reported. Always keep valuable possessions in a secure place and be vigilant in crowded areas and on public transport. It is advised to avoid nightclubs outside of the public areas and to limit online transactions due to the popularity of cyber-crime. Expect to be reprimanded by the ever-vigilant and omnipresent police force if you attempt to take photographs of public buildings. Certain foods have been reported to carry radiation from the Chernobyl disaster; however, the majority of produce is safe. Tap water should be avoided.

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