Photo Credit: Andrii Zymohliad

Due to its strategic position on the map, the Republic of Belarus has a war torn past, being trampled by many armies throughout its history. However, the country is now a relatively peaceful place offering tourists the chance to explore its bucolic corners and embark upon an array of things to do which can be organized through local tour operators. Outside of the cities, outdoor activities are extremely popular, particularly in the national parks of Braslavskiye Ozera and Belovezhskaya Puscha, which provide fantastic opportunities for big-game hunting, skiing, and hiking.

Hiking is one of the most common outdoor pursuits in Belarus and is extremely popular with both travelers and locals. There are a number of routes primarily located in the national parks that are suitable for leisurely strolls, as well as more challenging treks. If you plan to embark on a long hiking trip, take some camping equipment and spend a night or two in the wilderness. Pure Travel Belarus can assist in arranging tours around the country.

Cycling through Belarus and the surrounding countryside is a fantastic way to explore the scenic landscape. It is possible to travel the entire country in just a few days on two wheels, gently biking along winding roads and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Traffic on the rural paths is very quiet, and the roads are mainly flat, making Belarus an easy destination to traverse by bike. Rentals and tours can be organized through Vokrugsveta Travel Company.

Belarus covers an area of only 80,155 square miles, making it the ideal destination to explore on horseback. Horseback riding provides a fascinating alternative to traveling by car and other forms of transportation, and is a great family experience, allowing you to cross the country at your own pace, although some experience is required. Rides are regularly organized by Vokrugsveta Travel Company.

Big game-hunting has been a popular pastime for centuries due the large amount of wildlife, and it attracts visitors year-round. Home to red deer, European bison, moose, and wild boar, Belarus is perfect for a hunting holiday and there are a number of lodges located throughout the countryside. BelForest-Centre organizes trips guided by professional huntsmen.

An enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a few days, fishing in Belarus is common with locals and tourists alike. Fishing is possible in lakes and rivers throughout the year, from the pleasant, summer months to ice fishing at the height of winter. Around 40 species from pike to perch call the Belarusian waters home. Trips of varying lengths can be booked with Solvex Travel Company.

Although the highest point in the country is only 345 meters above sea level, Belarus offer some great opportunities for skiing. The Logoysk center, located only 22 miles from Minsk, has six slopes and recently-constructed facilities crafted from timber. There is also a 50-room hotel and two cross-country ski routes. Ski excursions can be arranged by BelTourist travel company.

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