Photo Credit: Alexander Kuznetsov

Belarus Taxis and Car Rental

Traveling by taxi is a useful and cheap way to explore Minsk and the surrounding countryside. It is a good idea to book a cab in advance from your hotel rather than attempting to hail one on the street. The English skills of local drivers tend be poor, although those providing service at the Belarus airport often have a higher proficiency of the language. Taksomobil’ OOO (+375-172-846-861) offers a reliable service in Minsk.

Car rental has increased in popularity in recent years and numerous companies, both local and international, offer vehicle rental at Minsk International Airport and within the city including Europcar and Alamo. Booking in advance is advisable, but car rental can also be arranged through most hotels on arrival. Due to the country’s large police presence, car crime is uncommon; however, the usual precautions are recommended. The major issue with renting a car is the local use of Cyrillic on signs and the poor quality of the vehicles.

Belarus Trains and Buses

Traveling by train is a relatively inexpensive and comfortable affair, and will take you from Minsk to most destinations around Belarus. It is a good idea to book an express car, which does not cost a great deal more than a regular train. Riding the train is a great way to take in the flat, rolling landscapes of the charming country and, due to its small size, journeys usually only a few hours at most.

Traveling by bus tends to be a slightly faster way of getting around, although it is perhaps not as comfortable. The timetables are also more convenient, with numerous routes leaving Minsk for other areas of Belarus at regular intervals throughout the day. It helps to check the schedule before departure, but tickets are easily purchased at the station upon arrival.

Belarus Bicycles

The flat landscape of Belarus make the country ideal for leisurely cycling, a convenient way to explore the outskirts of Minsk and traverse the smaller towns and villages. It is easy to arrange bicycle rental at most destinations throughout the country.

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