Photo Credit: Jason Matthews

Albania is not yet part of the European Union (EU), so EU citizens are required to show their passports to enter. No visa is required for EU passport holders and citizens of some other countries. Travelers can check visa requirements at Citizens of all countries (except for Czechs and Poles) are required to pay a €10 arrival fee at immigration. No vaccinations are required.

Health and Safety

Albania is a safe country by western standards and it is rare for visitors to find trouble, even late at night in urban areas. Petty crime levels are below those of most other European destinations, but it is always sensible to beware of pickpockets in tourist areas.

The north of the country has seen a rise in traditional blood feuds and organized crime, but it is unlikely that this will affect visitors, and incidents are rare. It is advisable to take sensible precautions if you see a political demonstration or rowdy crowds.

Those trekking in the mountains should do so accompanied by an experienced guide. In areas near to the Kosovo border, there is the possibility of land mines that have been left over from the conflict there. Locals will be able to advise where is safe to traverse.

Never drink water from the tap anywhere in Albania; instead rely on bottled water.

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