Photo Credit: David Wright

  • Sometimes prices will be written in old leks, which contain one extra zero. This is normal, and the actual price will be less
  • If a local offers you a drink - or even to pay for your meal - you should accept. In Albania, it is considered rude to reject hospitality, and Albanians can be extremely persuasive
  • The majority of Albanians learned how to drive in the last 10 years. Keep this in mind when crossing roads or renting a car
  • Credit and debit cards were unheard of until recently. Although most towns now have ATMs, and increasingly more businesses accept cards, it is wise to carry sufficient cash
  • Italian is the most useful language aside from Albanian. In the south, many Albanians understand Greek, while the young generation learns English at school

Contact Numbers

Police: 129 Emergency: 127 Universal Hospital, Tirana: +355-4-229-0000 US consulate: +355-4-224-7285 UK consulate: +355-4-223-4973 Canadian consulate: +355-4-22507274 Tirana Radio Taxi: +355-4-235-5555

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