Photo Credit: Partha S. Sahana

There are many countries whose nationals can enter Vanuatu without needing a visa. These countries include the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia as well as most countries in the EU. A passport which remains valid beyond the intended date of departure and a return ticket are required. A full list of countries can be found here:

Health and Safety

Immunizations for hepatitis A and B as well as for typhoid fever are recommended before traveling to Vanuatu. Precautions against malaria are also advised. Medical facilities in the form of hospitals, clinics, and drug stores are available in Port Vila and Luganville. There are also on-call doctors for the larger resorts and hotels. Wounds must be treated accordingly as the tropical weather encourages easy infection. Water from the tap can be drunk, but people’s reactions to local water vary; bottled water is readily available. Having health insurance is strongly recommended.

Vanuatu is generally safe and people are friendly, both in the major towns and in the more remote villages. However, as with any other place, common sense must be exercised by those traveling in foreign places. Walking around at night is not advised. Visitors should be aware that there are poisonous aquatic animals, such as the stonefish, in the waters of the archipelago.

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