Photo Credit: Simon Clancy

It goes without saying that Vanuatu is an adventurer’s paradise. The number of adventures on offer in this country is endless, spanning activities on sea, on land, and even on air. The list below is just the beginning.

Visitors can engage in all sorts of water-related adventures: snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, game fishing, parasailing, and many others. Not only are visitors promised a fun-filled, action-packed adventure, they get to be in some of the most pristine tropical environments on Earth. There are activities away from the water as well. Eco-tours are especially popular as they showcase Vanuatu’s natural attractions and cultural heritage.

The locals of Vanuatu, the ni-Vanuatu, make sure to preserve what beautiful natural environment they now have while at the same time showcasing it to visitors. This is why a number of eco tours are available on many of the islands. Visitors will not only discover nature but also learn about the history and culture of the communities protecting it. Malekula Hiking Trail Komiti takes visitors along 45 miles of hiking trails from Lamap village to Lembinwen village on beautiful Malekula Island.

With a tropical paradise as beautiful as Vanuatu, it is only natural that water-related activities, foremost of which is sea kayaking, are a popular means of seeing the islands. Visitors can explore sandy beaches, sandbars, and small tropical islands aboard a sea kayak. Kayaking Vanuatu is a multi-awarded tour operator with a number of all-inclusive tours taking visitors sea kayaking but also snorkeling, dolphin spotting, fish feeding, exploring waterfalls, buggy rides, and many other adventures.

One of the best ways to truly appreciate the spectacular tropical beauty of Vanuatu is from the air. Visitors can easily experience this by going on a scenic flight easily arranged by a number of tour operators. Visitors fly over white-sand beaches, volcanoes, crater lakes, and lush jungles. It is even possible to land on a secluded island and have a picnic. Air Safaris is one of the many tour operators which fly eight-seater planes over the archipelago.

Seeing the jungle from a forest canopy is an experience not to be missed. Visitors can go zip-lining and get a unique experience zipping through the jungle with spectacular views of tall trees, lush hills, and deep canyons. The best place to do this is in Mele Bay where the Vanuatu Jungle Zipline facility is located.

The diversity in marine life can only be matched by the variety of the game fishing activities that can be done in the waters of Vanuatu. There are many game fishing operators offering various types of activities. Here, aficionados can tackle mahi-mahi, wahoo, yellow-fin tuna, sailfish, dog-tooth tuna, marlin, and many other species. Coral Quays Fish and Dive Resort is one of the most recommended fishing operators with professional equipment on hand for those keen on taking on the adventure.

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