1. Shopping in Paris, France

    Take the girlfriends to Paris for a weekend of shopping. Sip coffee on the Champs Elysees, buy a coat from the famed Printemps or Galeries Lafayette shopping centers, take in a museum and think elegance.

  2. Hollywood in Action, California

    The easiest way to see your favorite stars is to simply attend the taping of a live television show. Numerous TV sitcoms are taped daily at the local studios and you can be part of the live studio audience.

  3. Literary tour, England

    Revisit your favorite authoress’ Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters and Beatrix Potter on a journey that will take you to Bath, Yorkshire and the Lake District respectively visiting the homes and areas they frequented. You could extend the journey by visiting locations filmed in recent television adaptations and films.

  4. Belly dance, Egypt

    If you’re a belly dancer you’ll love a visit to Egypt to watch the performers or even take dance lessons for the experts.

  5. Learn Spanish, Argentina and Peru

    Return home with the sounds of Spanish on your tongue studying abroad in Buenos Aires or Cuzco. You’ll meet other students and make friends to travel with later.

  6. Trans Siberian train journey

    The Trans Siberian is a mammoth train route from Beijing, China to St Petersburg, Moscow passing through some enormous tracts of desert in Mongolia and Siberia. The almost 6,214 mile train journey spans eight countries and takes several days depending where you stop and where you finish.

  7. Mud bath, Colombia

    Visit the El Totumo mud volcano which is approximately 100 feet high. Join the people from all over the world who go there to take the famous mud baths for health or just for fun.

  8. Kickboxing, Thailand

    This is a popular sport for women in Thailand and you can get in some handy aerobic workouts and more in the backyard gyms of Bangkok. If you’re game take on a female competitor at the crowded Rangsit Stadium.

  9. Dive for pearls, Bahrain

    If you like diving come here to try their famous pearl diving. Incredibly if you find a pearl while diving it’s yours to keep – a fabulous souvenir.

  10. Jillaroo, Australia

    Cattle stations in Australia are often looking for volunteers to give them a hand. Have a real life experience as a station hand and learn all about horse riding, mustering, milking cows, saddling and swimming with horses, throwing a lasso and fence construction.